Wheelock Properties is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. With a strong focus on economic viability, environmental protection and social responsibility, the Group is steadfast in adopting and implementing sustainable policies, strategies and practices in its day-to-day business operations and corporate activities.

Our sustainability approach is supported by a set of policies and guidelines which are observed across the Group:

Data Protection
Provides processes and practices for compliance of all obligations of the Personal Data Protection Act. Please click here for more information on our privacy policy.

Employee Code of Conduct
Guides employees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity when dealing with the Group, its competitors, customers, suppliers, tenants, colleagues and the community.

Employment Practices
Provides guiding principles on managing our human resources and reinforces the Group’s commitment to fair employment practices to create a fair, merit-based and non-discriminatory culture.

Provides guiding principles to minimise the environmental impacts induced from all aspects of our business, as well as to promote environmental conservation amongst our staff and society at large.

Information Technology
Protects the Company’s Proprietary Information and any third-party information within its custody or safekeeping by safeguarding its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Social Media
Outlines the standards required of employees when using social media.

Supplier Code of Conduct
The Group will favour suppliers of goods and services who share our commitment to honesty and integrity in all areas of their business. We actively seek to select and work with suppliers who integrate social, environmental and sustainable policies in their business processes.

Universal Design
Provides guiding principles to develop environments that cater to the needs of all age groups and users with a range of diverse physical and mental abilities.

Provides a mechanism to enable employees and parties who have dealings with the Group to raise concerns of possible improprieties in a responsible and effective manner as an important aspect of accountability and transparency. Please raise any concern you may have to

Workplace Grievance
Provides internal grievance handling procedures where employees can bring up issues or complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, victimisation or vilification to the attention of the supervisors and Management.

Workplace Health & Safety
Provides guiding principles to operate responsibly, adopt good health and safety practices, and provide a safe and injury-free work environment for all employees, contractors, suppliers, consultants, tenants, customers and the public towards creating a safe and healthy environment.