This statement sets out the Privacy Policy and practices of Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited (the "Company"), its subsidiaries and associated companies (together, the "Group") that will be followed with respect to the collection, use and/or disclosure of an individual's personal data. This statement is provided in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26 of 2012) (the "PDPA").

Please note that this Privacy Policy complements, and does not limit or replace, the purposes for any request for your personal data which may be stated in any form for submission of personal data to the Group.

A) Collection of Personal Information

The type of personal information collected by the Group in connection with the provision of services by the Group includes but is not limited to the following (in no particular order):

  • Names
  • Gender
  • Addresses (including email addresses)
  • Telephone and mobile numbers
  • NRIC/ Passport numbers
  • Photographs
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation

B) The Purposes For Which The Group Uses This Information

The purposes for which the Group uses this information may include any of the following:

  • responding to your queries/feedback, and in this connection, disclose your information to the relevant department or related companies within the Group (whether within Singapore or overseas) including directors, employees, agents and representatives thereof, for this purpose;
  • informing you of updates, promotions, events, and new store openings;
  • informing you if you have won any prizes in a lucky draw;
  • for statistical purposes to (a) improve the website experience of the individual and/or (b) improve the services provided by the Group to customers of the Group;
  • for statistical purposes to (a) improve the website experience of the individual and/or (b) improve the services provided by the Group to customers of the Group;
  • advertising or public relations purposes (e.g. for brochures);
  • audit or verification purposes;
  • compliance with any law or regulation or directive from any applicable government body or authority such as but not limited to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore;
  • investigating and/or reporting of any criminal offences, where required by law; and
  • disclosure to lawyers, auditors, financial advisors, and other professionals in connection with their services to us.

C) Data Quality

The Company will take reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.

D) Data Security

The Company will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The Company will not keep personal information for longer than is necessary and will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed.

E) Access and Correction

As a general rule, the Company will upon the request of an individual, provide him as soon as reasonably possible with personal information about the individual that is in our possession and information about the ways in which the personal data has been or may have been used or disclosed within a year before the date of the request.

The Company will also, where an individual has requested that it correct an error or omission in the personal data about the individual that is kept with the Company, correct such data as soon as practicable and send the corrected personal data to every organisation to which the personal data was sent before it had been corrected, unless that organisation does not need the corrected personal data for any legal or business purpose.

The Company may however choose not to provide individuals with access to or correct such information, in accordance with the exceptions under the PDPA. This would include cases where:

  1. The Company is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the correction should not be made;
  2. The request for access is frivolous or vexatious or the information requested is trivial;
  3. The personal information is related to a prosecution and all the proceedings related to the prosecution have not been completed;
  4. The personal data, if disclosed, would reveal confidential commercial information that could, in the opinion of a reasonable person, harm the competitive position of the organisation; and
  5. The personal data was collected, used or disclosed for the purposes of an investigation and associated proceedings and appeals have not been completed.

The Company may decide to impose a nominal charge upon the individual to cover the cost of verifying a request for information and locating, retrieving, reviewing and copying any material requested.

F) Transborder Data Flows

If your personal information is transferred to a country or territory outside Singapore, for instance, if some services are sub-delegated to overseas resource centres or if the personal information is required for supervisory, administrative or operational purposes in other companies within the Group, the Company will ensure that the recipients thereof provide a standard of protection to your personal information so transferred that is comparable to that which is provided herein.

G) Enquiries and Complaints

The Company has designated persons who will be responsible for ensuring the Company's compliance with applicable data protection laws. If you wish to contact the Company or have any queries or requests or wish to make any applications concerning your personal information or data, please write to us at or call us at 6731 4729.